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Design, Deploy and Maintain: Take advantage of the experience and expertise at DOSarrest, to help you evolve and maintain your network security and compliance requirements

With 12+ years of designing and building secure networks and services, the DOSarrest Managed Security Services team has a great appreciation in understanding the complexities and requirements in securing your IT infrastructure. Whether it be a Greenfield project, or a complex upgrade of an existing platform in production, DOSarrest Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) can help you:


Evaluate and Assess current solutions in your production environment and identify deficiencies and any possible compliance violations.

Design a solution that will meet all identified goals and objectives, as well as provide an implementation schedule in accordance with your business needs and change control processes.

Identify key indices for monitoring and maintaining these solutions, to ensure SLA’s and uptime goals are met

Vulnerability assessments – identify the level and severity of your cyber exposure

Vulnerability scans, simulated DDoS attacks, and website security audits


DOSarrest Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) can be leveraged in the following key areas:

Router and Switch Design – whether it be the configuration of a branch office router or a large carrier grade router with 100 Gb interfaces, DPS can help you configure the router and/or switches to meet best case practices, including IP address schema, Access list design, IGP/EGP, Jflow/Netflow/Sflow, SNMP, etc. Whether you run Cisco, Juniper or even SDN fabrics, our expertise can ensure your solution is ready and secure.

Firewall design – selecting and configuring the right firewall devices can be a daunting task, given the ever-changing requirements of the business. Our team can help you select and/or configure your firewall to ensure all rules, policies and zones are set up with an eye to the future while meeting your current needs.

Big Data – focusing on the use of the Elastic Search platform, DPS can help with formatting, shipping, ingestion and indexing of logs from disparate sources, to allow for fast structured and unstructured search, as well as automating Indicators of Attack (IoA) and other Events. DPS can also help select the appropriate Machine Learning models for your business objectives. We can install and manage a big data cluster on your premises or you can use one of ours, either way we can save you time and money on what can be a very costly endeavor

Monitoring and management 24/7/365

Using DOSarrest’s Security Operations Center(SOC) and Network Engineering group DOSarrest is able to monitor any portion of your network, investigate any anomalies and remedy them or escalate to your in-house technical team.

Simplify! DOSarrest can be your one point of contact for all of your network and security requirements, including upstream contract negotiation and management, installations, on premises hardware and software, acquiring IP addresses and 24/7 monitoring.

Imagine one invoice and one point of contact for all of your network and security requirements.
Whatever the situation, the DPS team will ensure that the right solution is implemented to meet your business needs.