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Fantastic Flexibility for your unique Web Environment

We recognize that no two customer web environments are alike. That’s why we have engineered our platform to accommodate for differences customers may have with their domains, ssl certifications, and origin configurations. With the DOSarrest Virtual WebServer (VWS), customers can create a myriad of unique configurations under one VIP, for a fast, flexible and scalable security solution.

What is a Virtual Webserver(VWS) ?

A Virtual webserver is a way for customers to define, direct and apply rules on how visitor requests to A specific URL are handled.

Why use VWS's ?

It enables customers to protect multiple domains and even use multiple SSL certificates all under 1 VIP. This allows you to create completely independent configurations for multiple URL's at a fraction of the cost of multiple VIPs

How many virtual servers can I create ?

With every VIP, customers can create 25+ virtual servers.

DOSarrest Internet Security can help you achieve what you want to do with Virtual Webservers !

Every service we offer is fully managed, tell us what you would like to achieve and we'll do it for you, 24/7, on the spot.


More questions answered:

Can I use VWS in conjunction with DOSarrests' other services?

Yes, Cloud Based Load-Balancing, DEMS, WAF and even VTO can be applied to VWS's.

How Do I configure my VWS ?

You can configure your VWS(s) real-time through the DSS as you would your VIP.

Is There An Extra Cost for VWS's ?

Yes, depending on the number of VWS's ordered the price is between $100.00-$200.00USD/month

What you can do with a Virtual Webserver :

Here's an example of how a VWS can provide flexible security options for a site that has many components. Below is a breakout of the types of features that can be applied to various functions of a domain called This domain has a main landing page, a UK host, a blog section, a host for keeping content intended for caching with a CDN, and a SaaS service accessed via an API. All these domains are covered by the DOSarrest persistent layers of mitigation, but have their own unique application layers of security, as seen below:

  • VWS No. 1 -,,

    • deny bot-nets
    • enable WAF: basic
    • block invalid HOST requests
    • use geo load balanced origin server pool
  • VWS No. 4 -

    • resource & status specific cache rules
    • allow stale cache
    • block invalid referrer
    • use geo load balanced origin pool
  • VWS No. 2 -

    • geo-ip based restrictions
    • enable WAF: basic
    • deny bot-nets
    • block invalid HOST requests
    • use UK origin server(s)
  • VWS No. 5 -

    • enable WAF: custom rulesets
    • deny search engines
    • IP based ACL rules
    • Multiple origins with High available failover
  • VWS No. 3 -

    • require captcha on submit.asp
    • enable WAF: custom ruleset
    • deny bot-net
    • file upload limits
    • single origin
  • There are hundreds of permutations of features that can be applied to each VWS, each with their own unique set of origins and SSL certs