Why Use DOSarrest

DOSarrest Internet Security has the Experience, Technology, and Focus.

DOSarrest specializes in providing fully managed DDoS protection services to protect any website in any location.

DOSarrest was created to solve one problem from the start. It is not an add-on service or afterthought. Our entire network and security server arrays have been configured and distributed globally with one purpose and that's to stop DDoS attacks. Our proprietary software systems are constantly being upgraded to keep pace with the ever changing DDoS threat landscape. We have just released (October 2014) our latest major upgrade that makes our service second to none amongst the cloud based DDoS protection providers. DOSarrest is not based on the mass market, free sign-up model with the hopes of moving customers up from one tier to another, so they eventually end up paying a substantial monthly fee over time.

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We have 1 Tier of service and it's the top tier, all customers pay the same price for the same service and support. There is no upselling, upgrading, when large or difficult attacks occur. No Surprises!

We don't have or want 100 thousand customers it's not our goal. We just want to be the best.

Our services speaks for itself.

We have our own resellers, so ask your provider if they are an official DOSarrest reseller. Many major hosting operations regularly refer customers to us and they do it without making a cent. Our service speaks for itself.

More than half of our customers are with major tier 1 hosting providers and/or have tried other DDoS protection services. Our customers' servers are located all over the world with many different hosting and/or DDoS protection service companies including: Softlayer, Rackspace, Acquia, Peer1, DataPipe, Prolexic, HOSTING, INetU, and Verizon Business to name a few. We take care of some major brands and household names.


State of the art DDoS protection service.

This service is primarily for large E-commerce sites that do not want to have their sites disrupted by DDoS attacks or other malicious traffic. We have created, own and operate a state of the art DDoS protection service. All of our staff have extensive expertise in this field. When you talk to us you get the real goods, no folklore or nonsense.

We service websites representing the following industries: health care, gaming, online payment processing, banks, stocks / brokerage, governments and affiliates, general E-commerce, education, media.


Superior Technology Coupled with
Superior 24/7 Support.

Our reputation for 24/7 technical support and response time is well established after 10 years in the cloud based DDoS protection services market. 92% of all requests are responded to and/or resolved within 10 minutes or less. We are able to do this because every Security Operations Center member has the knowledge, experience and ability to pretty much make any change on the spot and our staff to customer ratio is absolutely unheard of in this field.


DOSarrest Benefits

  • 24/7 manned SOC, available by email, chat and phone
  • 24/7 network engineering team, available by email, chat and phone
  • 24/7 15 minute emergency setup
  • Industry leading customer portal with real-time stats and site management
  • No long term contract required
  • Multiple 10Gb/sec upstream connections at all locations
  • Geographically dispersed traffic cleansing nodes
  • Multi-10Gb/sec end to end multi-layer filtering at every node
  • Web  Application  Firewall (WAF)
  • Virtual Webservers
  • Cloud based, Layer 7 capable load balancing(local and global), with health-checks
  • "Resource Director", direct content or applications to the servers you want
  • Website caching, control every aspect of your website's performance.
  • Redundant systems in every way possible
  • Vulnerability Testing and  Optimization (VTO) , A fully managed extra service.
  • User Accounts, setup multiple user accounts with different permissions
  • Custom reporting and programming
  • Level 1 PCI certified

DOSarrest Performance

DOSarrest's DDoS mitigation nodes by their design act as a CDN, this provides 2 major advantages to our customers.1 - Given that we use less than 1 % of our upstream or processing capacity that is geographically distributed, we are able to make this available to our customers as needed, no questions asked.Should you normally have 1,000 website visitors a day and may need to accommodate 10 million at a moments notice, no problem – its available 24/7, no questions asked. 2 - DOSarrest's systems are able to cache as much or as little as you like, you control it and it's as granular as it gets This provides a real performance boost to any website. It also saves you money as you don't have to upgrade the servers you are using on the back-end to serve more customers with better performance.


Experience, Technology, and Focus

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