Content Delivery Network (CDN)

What is a Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Content Delivery Networks improve your websites performance by moving web resources closer to the end user for faster retrieval. On a typical website 80% or more of the volume of the site is comprised of static elements that are the same for all users. By speeding up the delivery of this content the end user will be able to load the site faster.


Why use a CDN?

Our primary focus is DDoS protection and by its design has to have massive bandwidth and processing capacity available all the time, making us a great CDN by any measure.
When customers offload static requests to the CDN it lowers their bandwidth, reduces the load on your webservers, and improves performance for you visitors. The more requests we cache for you, the less requests need to be handled by your webserver and the beauty of it is, its all readily available when you need it, there's no need to scale up should you have a sudden burst of visitor traffic.

DOSarrest CDN

DOSarrest's CDN is highly customizable, allowing you to specify unique cache directives on resources as granular as individual URL's or file types. DOSarrest is fully RFC2616 compliant, you can use our fully featured control panel to define and or override your websites cache-control headers or you can manage your caching directives via the cache control headers from your webserver. At this time all of our customers content is cached on all of our nodes in Europe, North America and Asia. This is not the case with some other CDN's, they may have nodes across the globe but you actually may have access to only a fraction of their locations.

How do I configure?

Configuring caching is as easy as 1 click from our portal and the CDN will obey all of the cache-control headers that are on your webserver. Should you wish to override your cache-control headers you can enable "Forced Caching" and direct it to cache any and/or all URLs or file types you specify. As with all of our services its fully managed, you don't have to do a thing, let us know what you want to do and our engineering staff will enable it and customize it for you.

Is there an extra cost?

DOSarrest CDN is included in the cost of your DDoS protection.

Performance metrics

You better believe it. Best in the business !!

You can view real-time how the cache is performing for your site in the dashboard

( Click on images to expand. )


You can also see the actual website performance from 8 sensors in 4 geographical regions outside of our actual network using our DEMS system . Which has real-time and historical reporting up to 1 year on the following metrics; TCP Connect, HTTP first byte download, HTTP execution and HTTP transfer.


What can I do with DOSarrest's CDN?

Here is a sample caching strategy that outlines some of the options available with DOSarrest CDN:

1. Image resources:

  • cache for 1 hour
  • revalidate with last-modified response
  • do not differentiate on argument (image.png?a=1 vs image.png?a=2)

2. Resource whitepaper.pdf:

  • cache for 24 hours
  • override prohibiting cache-control directives from origin

3. Image resources in the navigation folder:

  • cache for 4 hours
  • revalidate in batch (single request to origin on expired content)

4. Any response that returns a 404 code:

  • cache for 1 minute.

5. Any above resource that uses the string "fresh" in any argument:

  • bypass cache

6. Other resources:

  • bypass cache

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