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Protecting against DDoS attacks since 2007!

This is our flagship Internet security service that's been protecting thousands of websites from DDoS attacks since 2007. DOSarrest's DDoS protection service has evolved over the years to handle the largest and especially the most sophisticated attacks.

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Our 4th generation software, released in October 2014 is second to none when it comes to DDoS Protection services. This latest release allows us to analyze complex attacks in real-time and create custom rule-sets which can be applied to a customer's configuration in seconds. We are ready for attacks yet to be seen in the wild!


Service Overview

DOSarrest's DDoS protection service is the cornerstone of our company and we have been providing DDoS protection to our global customer base since 2007, many of these customers are still using our service today. Our systems are leading edge and we have just introduced our latest core platform as well as a new customer portal, that has been in development and testing for the last 2 years. This new platform has capabilities that makes our DDoS protection service able to deal with the most sophisticated attacks.

Our DDoS protection service does not have a number of different tiers of service with confusing options and support levels. This is a fully managed DDoS Protection service, every customer receives the same protection level and support at the same price, period.


We obviously take website security seriously and can handle any DDoS attack. Whether it's a large volume UDP type flood, A TCP syn attack or a new not even yet seen sophisticated layer7 attack. We stop all DDoS attacks. No Exceptions!

Web Application Firewall(WAF)

A common misconception with cloud based WAF's is that all you have to do is enable it and it will stop all layer 7 attacks. An effective WAF has to be custom tailored to your website to be truly effective. There is no, one size fits all. We can stop any layer 7 attacks that may hit your website. We first analyze the attack using our IDS engine, create a rule-set or apply one of our many premade challenges, to any part or your website in seconds. This is all done seamlessly to your website visitors. We also highly recommend our Vulnerability Testing and Optimization (VTO) service to ensure your website code doesn't have any deficiencies, that may leave you open to any SQL, XSS, or other malicious hacking attempts.

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Our 24/7/365 Security Operation Center is manned by experienced engineers that can make any adjustment, customization or simply answer a question. Customers can contact us by email or phone 24/7.

Over 92% of requests to our SOC are responded to and/or resolved within 15 minutes.


All websites using our DDoS Protection service have their websites BGP anycasted which provides 2 major performance enhancements.
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Decreased Latency

.. we can cache as much or as little content of your website as you like, on our globally distributed mitigation nodes. This brings your content closer to your visitors providing a faster more responsive experience.

Capacity Icon


.. we have an amazing amount of upstream Internet capacity as well as processing power on our proxy arrays spread around the globe. Should your website have the immediate requirement for more content delivery, its there for you as needed, no questions asked.


We have built from the ground up, our own network monitoring service called DEMS (DOSarrest External Monitoring Service ), Its made up of 8 sensors geographically distributed. As the name suggests, these sensors are located on 8 different networks not connected in any way to our DDoS protection nodes.

We make sure your site is up and running and performing as it supposed to. Every 60 seconds, each sensor performs the following.

  • Resolve domain name from the DNS
  • TCP Connect, HTTP execution, HTTP first byte down load, HTTP Transfer.
  • Content change
  • Also calculates % uptime/downtime for any time period
  • SSL Cert expiration notice (10 Days)

If there's a problem our SOC will manually investigate, pinpoint the issue, rectify if possible and notifies the customer 24/7.

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Customer Portal

Our Customer portal called "DOSarrest Security Services" (DSS) is all new and the latest version just released is the most comprehensive customer portal available from any DDoS Protection services company today.

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Choose from 13 different graphs, 30+ metrics per VIP to customize your own dashboard view -

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Customers can build their own dashboard from any number of real-time stats from the origin server or their VIP. Available real-time and historical stats include:

  • HTTP Status codes – 200, 301, 302, 403, 404, etc.
  • Cache status – Hit, Miss, expired
  • Cache Validation
  • Total Connections / Requests
  • Connection States – Established, Syn-Sent, SynRecv, Closed, ClosedWait, TimeWait, FinWait, etc.
  • Bandwidth – Inbound – Outbound
  • Top Visitors
  • Top Referrers
  • Top URLs

Customer Configuration

Customers can setup and adjust their own configuration or we can set it up for you, 24/7, Its up to you.
Some of the options customers can configure on their own via our DSS Security.

  • Enable rate limiting on any website element
  • Enable pre made, bot detecting and halt modules on any URI
  • Update SSL Certs
  • Customize cache settings, by element, directory, or URI

Our caching system is as granular as you can get, this enables you to specify which directories or elements to cache and for how long. The system is fully RFC2616 compliant.

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It works on any server, in any location and setup can be done in minutes, in case of an emergency. Once it is setup, it is an "always on" service that will automatically protect you against any DoS/DDoS attacks.

Easy Setup: To get setup, all that is required is that you obtain a clean IP address from your ISP, install it on the server and let us know what that IP is. Next, we will give you a DOSarrest IP address that you point the domain to, so all traffic gets redirected to one or more of our traffic scrubbing nodes. We clean the traffic and send only legitimate requests back to your server.

Your server is completely hidden to the Internet and only communicates with our system, no one else.

Should you require HTTPS/SSL, you can upload the certificate through our HTTPS customer access area (DSS).

We can provide immediate (less than 15 minutes) protection for any server in any location. Taking care of large, complex DDoS attacks has never been easier.

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